hi! here’s my beauty masterpost. I found all of these either on tumblr,  pinterest, or google! all links open in new tabs, so don’t worry xx

yes i know this is really similar to my makeup masterpost but this one has hair and skincare and more so it’s different okay


braid tutorial masterpost

hair style inspiration

braided chignon tutorial

keeping dyed hair bright

hair bow tutorial

top knot tutorial

easy tutorial masterpost

5 tips to make your hair grow

how to make fine hair look thicker

20 hair tutorials

the 3 braid bun


using lemon to fade skin discolouration

celebrity skincare tips

how to fade acne scars

food to use in diy facemasks

how to prevent breakouts


quilted manicure

best nail colours of 2014

tips for healthy nails

7 easy nail art tutorials

best colour combinations

nail designs by zooey deschanel

tips for a long-lasting manicure

nail inspiration

diy stuff


40 diy beauty hacks

50+ diy beauty recipes

10 diy beauty products

here’s my makeup masterpost!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”


Kenji Alucky

out of my head I am busy

David Stephenson - Domes (1993-2005)

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HEY i’ve set a little queue up for this week and i’ll be making some changes to my theme & links on the blog over the next few days but with any luck i’ll be posting more often and updating every day

i’m here to ask if there were any scenes from elementary or bbc sherlock or the ritchie movies that u would like me to gif. i don’t have all the elementary episodes in hd so i might not be able to do some of them but i have like 20 eps of elementary, every ep of sherlock and both ritchie movies.

i’ll leave this post open to answers but askbox is open and anon is on so ask AWAY