my back yard is a place for fairies.

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"It turns out a really good cure for being drunk is when you’re on a plane and then an engine explodes and you think you’re going to die." - Arthur Shappey, St Petersburg, Cabin Pressure (via cabinpressurequotesftw)
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Arthur Chang, Home

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Anonymous: how can you be gay if you had a boyfriend? Not meaning to be rude, just confused

at the time, i was pansexual (but identified as bi). sexuality/romantic orientation can be fluid. i haven’t always been gay and i don’t know if I’ll always be gay but it is the label that currently fits my orientation best. tbh if u want my exact orientation i am biromantic (for girls and nb ppl) and asexual. i say biromantic and not panromantic because the chances of me falling for a dude (rn) are very very slim. my ex bf was exceptional. he was the only cishet white dude i know who isnt a total fucker and i doubt i’ll meet another one who fits that description any time soon. however all of this is of no consequence as i am dating a bIG GAY CANADIAN NERD that i love
tbh i wouldnt advise asking any other queer ppl this question its kinda rly ignorant and, yes, rude bc they shoudlnt have to explain their orientation to you in the way that i have just now

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